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1. Physical Education

The PET and games classes throughout the year which are an integral part of the school curriculam truly invigorate the children. Our children take part in the inter-school sports competitions that come up periodically which are happy hunting grounds for new talent in the sports area.An indication oh their importance is the inculsion of our champions in the District and State teams and we at school are proud to claim many of these feathers in our cap, in Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and wrestling.


2. Field Trips and Outings


Giving the students a chance to learn and enjoy themselves, the field trips and outings also provide an outlet for the students.


3. Club Activities


The following clubs are also functioning: Science Club, Eco Club, Literary Club, Art & Craft Club, Health & Wellness Club.


4. Music & Divinity Education


School has a music room with modern musical instruments to inculcate the musical and spiritual values in the students. The school also imparts religious education to the students for their holistic development through Divinity Literature, Shabad Kirtan and Bhajan.


5. House System


To impart a healthy competitive spirit among students and to inculcate the habit of working together and training in leadership qualities, an efficient House system has been introduced in the school. All the students belong to one or the other House guided, cared and controlled by a House Master/Mistress.

The four Houses are:
1. Jupiter
2. Mars
3. Mercury
4. Venus

It is the responsibility of the House Master/Mistress to look after general progress of their student in academics, games, sports and co-curricular activities.

Sine all the competitions are held house wise, house loyalties are strongest.A regular record of pupil's participation and achievements in House activities is maintained and merit points are awarded to each house and student.

An inter-house sports meet and cultural competition are organized once a year and certificates of merits, cups and trophies are awarded accordingly. The annual inter-house tournaments are held in all major games and trophies and shields are awarded to the winners.


6. Public Speaking


Through debates and elocutions, the students are trained and encouraged to be able to express their views and ideas confidently.